I Am Not Holier Than Thou . . .

Are Christian artists too preachy? That depends on who you ask. After all, perception is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, what I would like to do now is to dispel any notion or preconceived myth that I, as a Christian artist, am holier than thou. . . .

Recently, many prominent Christian artists have fallen victim to some heavy-weight sin (infidelity, homosexuality, etc); and we, as the consuming public have shunned them and held them to a standard that only Jesus, himself, could live up to. Christians are human too; and as humans, we are inherently sinners. This does not give Christian artist a “get out of jail free” card and an excuse for them to knowingly and willingly sin; however, as Christians, we should be prepared to forgive just as our Father in heaven does. More importantly, I pray that these individuals truly have a repentant heart and seek forgiveness from the Father themselves.

So what does any of this have to with me? Simple: I am a sinner. I suffer from worldly sins just like everybody else. The difference is that I wear my sins out in the open as a part of my testimony through this ministry. By exposing myself, I hope to show others that there is not much difference between me an them, and that even a sinner like me can seek and find Jesus.

Battling sin is an ongoing process. It happens daily for us. Anyone who tells you that they do not battle their sins daily does not truly know Jesus! That holds true for the average Joe as much as it does for the Christian artist in the spotlight.

As an artist and as a human, I will never proclaim to be holier than thou. I will not hold myself, or anyone that I associate with to an unreasonable standard of living that we all know we will fall short of. I will remain humble, faithful and true; and, I will continue to pray for God’s guidance as I battle my sins daily.

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