What Is The Gemini Effect????

This isn’t a term that you hear on a regular basis unless you are in some business circles. It refers to a tenet of a marketing strategy.

In business marketing, the Gemini effect includes an incentive, a freebie and a hook – all of which have been crafted for the sake of building customer loyalty.

Politically, the Gemini effect is the tactic of telling voters what they want to hear, while concealing a hidden political agenda – for the purpose of securing votes while gaining political power.

The Gemini effect in religion is similar to the Gemini effect in business and politics. After all, present day Christianity is big Business. And there is no denying that it is up to its neck in politics. How many times have you witnessed a doctrine being taught that promises a divine result through the use of manipulated scripture all the while the teacher is growing in power???

Musically, I have teamed up with producer King Verse to bring to you a five song EP entitled THE GEMINI EFFECT. The incentive: you will be thoroughly entertained. The freebie: this will be a free download. The hook: guest features by lyricists Praverb The Wyse, Mephstaddox and J. Hakeem.

The Gemini Effect is a mini project featuring the production talents of King Verse from Iceland and Idiomz da Prophesayer. It is a mix of boombap inspired beats, unadulterated lyricism and spiritual influence packaged together to give the listener a truly unique experience. But rather than draw you into some hidden agenda or manipulated doctrine, the intent of this project is clear: give you what commercialism has stripped away from music and keep you coming back for more.

Be on the lookout for The Gemini Effect coming as an exclusive digital download this summer! And be sure to check the project page for updates and more!!!

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