False Prophets (KV Remix) Review by Dan MacIntosh

Idiomz da Prophesayer (real name Damon Curtis) is a rapper that expresses his Christian faith through music. His single, “False Prophets,” is almost exactly what its name suggests – a warning about false prophets. With the advent of the Internet’s information superhighway, it’s easier now than ever for false prophets and various religious kooks to get their messages out there. There may not be more false prophets spouting nonsense now than in the past, but the information age sure makes it seem like they’re everywhere.

This track begins with spoken word parts, first from Idiomz, followed by a joining spoken section from female accompanist, Sonya LaChelle. This track is not pretty. It finds Idiomz sounding as serious as a heart attack. There is little more than a rhythm track and spooky keyboard fills on it supporting Idiomz’s voice. The melody is in a minor key and foreboding. There are even moments where the music drops out completely, leaving nothing but Idiomz’s voice alone. Ironically, during this warning about false prophets, Idiomz sounds a lot like a voice crying in the wilderness. He likely realizes that, much like John the Baptist in the Bible, his words will likely fall on many deaf ears. Many religious seekers seek out words for itching ears, rather than the truth. This music is gritty realism, and is aimed at those that can handle the truth.

Damon, in his role as Idiomz da Prophesayer, already has one album (Come Hell or High Water), under his belt. However, this talented performer may not make a lifetime career out of music. He calls his music a “calling,” but one that also has a season. And all seasons come to an end. “Long after I hang up my mic,” he has said, “I’m still going to be shouting the message of Jesus every chance I get.” Those are the sincere words of a true spiritual voice, with or without musical accompaniment.

 Review By: Dan MacIntosh

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)

Dan MacIntosh has worked as a a professional music journalist for 26 years. His work  regularly appears in many local and national publications, including CCM, CMJ, Paste, Mean Street, Chord, HM, Amplifier and Spin.com. In addition to reviewing CDs, Dan regularly writes artist features and biographies.

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