Theo-Soul 2013 Resolution

2013Four days in; and, I’m already excited for what God has in store for 2013! Spiritually, musically, socially and personally – I am overjoyed at the prospect of what is to come!

That being said, there are some minor tweaks and adjustments that I need to make in order to be in line with God. One of those tweaks will be with how I manage this blog going forward. Don’t expect anything radical, I just recognize that I need to keep things in perspective (thanks to my dude Praverb for his counsel and insight).

Theo-Soul was intended to be a blog about the “Theocentric Lifestyle”. My goal for setting it up was to share my expereince in my walk in faith, as to be an example for others. I intended to share random musings about lifestyle, ministry, music and anything else eximplifies theocentricity. In 2012, there was a noticeable¬†emphasis on music while any posts regarding lifestyle and ministry were minimal.

Well, in 2013, I want to bring Theo-Soul back to its roots. It will be more than just another music blog – it will be a complete lifestyle blog set for the purpose of promoting a theocentric lifestyle. I will continue to post about music; however, I will focus mainly on my own endeavors and those of my labelmates on Last Lyricists Music. I will occasionaly sprinkle in content from some of my closest collaborators and constituents as well. In addition, I will try to focus on more content that is relevant to living a theocentric lifestyle. That may involve experiences, lessons and random stories that I, myself, encounter as well as input from others with whom I fellowship.

I hope you will stay onboard for the ride. My heart is to be an example and to be approachable throughout 2013 and beyond! I am looking forward to a great year with continued fellowship, new relationships, and God’s grace and glory!

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