A Look Back At 2013

With 2013 officially behind us, I thought it might be cool to take just a moment to reflect on what happened in the year that was . . .

In terms of releases, it was a relatively quiet year for me. Technically, I only officially released one project in 2013 – a digi-single; but, it was a project that was a couple of years in the making. A collaborative effort between myself and an extremely talented beat maker from Botswana, my sole release in 2013 was “The Shining” released on 04.04.13.

The-Shining-Cover Featuring the production talents of Thabang Lua Chukura (aka Lua C.), this digi-single (available on Bandcamp) features the title track, “The Shining”; and, on the backside, “I Reminisce (Back In The Day).”

The cover art was created by my friend, Chris Hearn (@C_G_Hearn); and, a review of the project can be found here.

To hear more from Lua (@luamusical), please check out his Soundcloud page.






Shortly following the release of the digi-single, my label mate and friend, DJ Aktual, Put together a remix of “I Reminisce (Back In The Day)”.

I Reminisce (Back in the Day) Soul Brother Remix DJ Aktual’s Soul Brother Remix (also available on Bandcamp) help to extend the life of the single; and, it also picked up coverage on the Sphere of Hip-Hop website.

Aktual and I wanted to make a video for this version with the plan being that I would fly out to L.A. for the shoot. Unfortunately, we did not have the resources to pull it off; therefore, we could not make it happen.







While DJ Aktual and I were trying to figure out how to pull off a video shoot, another international collaborator by the name of Swing Johnson (@SwingJohnson) made a remix of the title track off the project.

The Shining RemixSwing and I had already teamed up with Canadian emcee Jest Nice (@JestNiceMusic) to work on an exclusive vinyl project entitled, “Favorite Emcees” (Early 2014) when he surprised me with his rendition of “The Shining” (available on Bandcamp). Needless to say, Swing’s version was a pleasant surprise.






Of course, my dude King Verse (@versey23) from Iceland had to get in on the action. Just for fun, he put together this version of I Reminisce (Back In The Day) which I released as a fan exclusive on Boombaptism:The QixTape (December 2013) to all the fans on my mailing list.

So even though I technically only released one single in 2013, it had a very successful run and extended life. In 2014, I have plans to drop a full-length CD, exclusive vinyl and a follow-up to The Gemini Effect (2012).

As always, I could not do any of this without your support. So once again, thank you for sticking with me and let’s see what 2014 has to offer!!!



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