2019 Outreach: The Extreme Tour – Omaha, NE

I don’t have a lot of narrative to add for this event; rather, I just want to jump right in with our new friend, Andre. Spoiler alert: Andre didn’t even get to participate in the event . . .

We were first introduced to Andre during our lunch at the Salvation Army. Listening to him speak, I could tell immediately that he was wise in his ways. His speech was deliberate and well thought out; and, he was intentional about making eye contact with everyone in our group – as if he were looking deep into our inner being.

Right out of the gate, he told us that this community needed us because we spoke a “universal” language that transcended all “perceived” barriers – the language of music. He believed that our brand of outreach would be highly impactful in an otherwise dreary community. He was excited for our presence; but, needed to leave to run some errands so that he could get back.

Fast forward to the end of the event . . .

As we were breaking down our setup, Andre pulled into the parking lot where the event was held. From the look on his face, I could tell that he was disappointed that he had missed the event. But even in his disappointment, he expressed a sincere gratitude for our ministry. He seemed relieved, like a father protecting his children as he thanked us over and over again for our hearts to serve.

Before we were done for the night, Andre asked if we would pray for him; and of course, we were happy to oblige. As we prayed over Andre, he began to reveal his story. It turns out that he had been living in his car for over a year; and finally, he was approved for and moved into Section 8 housing in the community. He said that he had been through many peaks and valley’s, but never once did he lose faith. He was grateful for God’s provision for housing; and, he was grateful that God had sent him us, his “angels” to bring a sense of hope and purpose to his community.

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