#BeAProblem 2017 Tour

MoveTheCrowd_ThumbEvery artist wants to share his craft – whether secular or Christian, the same holds true. The difference is in the motive. For me, it’s about so much more than the music. The music is just a tool . . . The motive is to be able to share the reason for my hope in Christ with the audiences with which I come into contact. That’s why in 2017, I’m going to take to the road and #BeAProblem.

Music is the language of the spirit. It can change the world because it can change people. Where mere words fail, music speaks. Music is one of the greatest gifts and tools that God has given us; yet, it is just that – a tool. Music does not replace our need for God; rather, it helps us to grow closer to Him.

The #BeAProblem 2017 Tour is intended to be one part music, one part service and one part relationship building. Beyond the music, my heart is to connect with people and build relationships that last. I intend to serve the community within my reach directly, intentionally and lovingly through fellowship and with humility.

Lowertown2016_ThumbIn 2017, I want to take #BeAProblem into communities that are overlooked/under served. I want to impact at-risk and counter-cultural people with a message that they can not only relate to; but, that they may also find inspirational and filled with hope. If you know of an area/group that would benefit from this type of message, I want to partner with you to bring them the tour!

I plan to do the tour in segments: March/April, June/July and Oct/Nov; and, I intend to cover locations in both the US and Canada. The tour will be a mixture of exclusive engagements and guest appearances; and, I am open to any venue/location no matter the size or whether it is Christian or non-Christian.

To inquire about available dates and/or to book me for your event, please fill out the booking form and I will be in contact with you to get the ball rolling! As well, I am seeking sponsorship opportunities to help make this tour a reality. If you would like to consider sponsorship or other mutually beneficial support of the #BeAProblem 2017 Tour, please send an email to idiomzdaprophesayer@gmail.com with “#BeAProblem Tour Sponsorship” in the subject line.

CrowdSelfie_ThumbI can’t wait to get out to serve and fellowship with you on the #BeAProblem 2017 Tour! Thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope to see you soon!