Renaissance Man (Digital Album)


Co-Executive Producers: M. Ramos, K. Furlong, K. Houchens, S. Maddox, C. Jackson, L. Miller, E. Newman, K. Blancher, S.J. Johnson and J. Jackson

Recorded and Mixed by P. Chiachierini at Racetrack Sound Studio, McSherrystown, PA

Mastered by Dave Bowden at Real Time Mastering, Hanover, PA



A renaissance is a period of renewed artistic and spiritual growth or activity – a revival of sorts . . . The purpose of this album is to spark a restoration, through music, of a Christ-centered faith. To dispel the notion that Christian music, hip-hop in particular, has to be “cheesy” or sub-par. To revive the energy, enthusiasm and emotion of classic hip-hop through raw and gritty beats, skillful wordplay and substantive content.