My mission, as an artist, is to unashamedly give reason for the hope [faith] that I have in Jesus through the transformative power/influence of audio and video media. I strive to accomplish this through transparency and authenticity while maintaining a spirit of quality and excellence that is worthy of Him. Through more than just music, I intend to serve the community within my reach directly, intentionally and lovingly through fellowship and with humility.

What this means is that, for me, it’s more than just a show, conference, festival or whatever. For me, it is an opportunity to serve the greater need of the community. The music is a tool. It can open doors. it’s what we do and the example we set when that opportunity arises.


At God’s direction, I go wherever there is an opportunity to engage – It could be a church-related/faith-based event; or, it could be a secular event. My focus, however, is on communities and populations that usually don’t see a lot of service from the outside.

No matter the size/scope of my participation, I try to make each opportunity more than just a performance. As I have said before, the music is merely a tool/form of expression that can break down barriers and open up the floor to so much more. In many cases, I am intentional about interacting with members of the audience – I listen to their stories, share my own, pray with them and always offer to keep in touch. When the opportunity permits, I spend time in the community – I help with individual and group projects (handyman type activities), I volunteer with the youth, I participate in evangelism and whatever else that community may need and I can offer. My hope is to be a light “like a city on the hill” and to “love my neighbor as I love myself.”


I would love to partner with your venue, church, community organization, promotional company, corporate and/or private function, or whatever else in a way that edifies, nurtures and entertains. Go to the Booking page or send an email to: idiomzdaprophesayer(at)gmail(dot)com to find out more and to determine availability.

I am looking forward to serving you and your group; and, thank you for your consideration.