IDP Music is an outreach ministry department of Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, represented by Damon “Idiomz” Curtis, called to reach communities that are typically neglected and/or overlooked both domestically and abroad with a message of love, hope and unity.


IDP Music exists to glorify God, to demonstrate His love to others and to offer a reason for the hope that we have to those who have little or no hope so that they may come to know Jesus through music, outreach and service.


To create a safe, welcoming and engaging environment where members of the community can come together to fellowship, build relationships and experience a deliberate demonstration of God’s love towards them.


Music is a unique and powerful tool that can be used to stir hearts and minds, promote unity, prompt change and carry the message of hope and love. As a ministry, we are compelled by our faith; and, we believe that the substance of our faith is best practiced – not just proclaimed. We are called to express the love that is central to our faith through demonstration – not just declaration.

Therefore we team up with other ministry and outreach partners to reach communities that would otherwise fall under the radar by using our gifts, talents and resources to make a difference. Making a difference for these communities starts by demonstrating love. Demonstrating love starts by communicating dignity and value. Communicating dignity and value starts with recognizing individual uniqueness.

Through the use of music, we seek to break down barriers. We seek to open minds and open hearts so that we can sow a seed. And ultimately, we seek to help build relationships locally so that the seeds that we plant can be nurtured and grown.



To execute on our mission and vision, we rely on the prayer and support of committed partners like you. Our greatest need is prayer; because as with any undertaking such as this, we wear a target on our backs at which the adversary is constantly aiming. Your prayers help to strengthen us as we enter into this spiritual battle; and, your prayers serve to motivate us and remind us that we serve an amazing God!

As well, your financial support allows us to go directly into these communities to serve, participate in outreach activities and to provide much needed resources such as bibles, clothing and food. We pray that you are compelled by our mission and vision; and, would prayerfully consider coming along side of us as we answer God’s call to be doers. To become a partner, click on the button below; or, send an email with “Partnership” as the subject line. Thank you in advance for your prayers and consideration. We are both humbled and honored to be in your fellowship.