The Upper Room

Lowertown2016_ThumbMusic is the language of the spirit. It can change the world because it can change people. Where mere words fail, music speaks. Music is one of the greatest gifts and tools that God has given us; yet, it is just that – a tool. Music does not replace our need for God; rather, it helps us to grow closer to Him. Ministry through music comes with a great burden and responsibility. Because of it’s potency, we must handle music with care – ensuring that its message is God-honoring and for His glory – not our own.


RockTheBlockAs musicianaries, we [musicians and artists] have unique access to areas and arenas on the mission field that may be out of reach to traditional missions. Because of this unique opportunity, I can take the reason for the hope that I have in Christ to areas that would, otherwise, be overlooked or neglected. And by partnering with me as a member of The Upper Room, you help make it possible for me to put feet on the ground; and through music, open hearts and open minds.


As a member of The Upper Room, your partnership provides resources that allow me to:

  • Go out into unique and/or neglected areas to share the reason for my hope in Christ both domestically and abroad.
  • Obtain and distribute supplies and services that are unique to each community reached.
  • Provide bibles and other materials for continued growth within those communities in which I serve.

So if you have a heart for the neglected and love dope [and edifying] hip-hop music, check out The Upper Room and get involved.