2019 Outreach: The Extreme Tour – Lincoln, NE

It’s interesting that God has called us to this place to show love to these – the little ones – at The Salvation Army. Children have no filter and they are naturally inquisitive. Oh, and did I mention that they’re also full of energy?!?!

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I can tell you that I wasn’t expecting the kids to clean out my merch table. At first, I felt bad about it; but then, God whispered to me that these little ones “will experience Me” because of what we are doing . . . All of you, God – none of us!!! Before we were even halfway done, what started out as over fifty kids had dwindled down to just a handful; but, those who were left really embraced what it was that we were trying to accomplish.


More times than not, God will work in ways that are totally unexpected. We were ready to make a lot of noise to draw in an audience; but, God had us to go to a more quiet and intimate approach – because his plans are perfect! In that setting, I witnessed three little girls completely open up and sing their hearts out in joy. I watched a young man in a wheelchair just smile from ear-to-ear while the event was going on . . . God didn’t need a lot of noise to make His presence known. He chose to use His still quiet voice in this moment and in this place.

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