Renaissance Man Devotional: The Purpose

When I first set out to record this project, my desire for how it would eventually turn out is nothing like what the final product came to be. Letting God guide progress will often result in an end product much different than what we plan. And so it was with “Renaissance Man”. I prayed early

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Days of Christmas Giveaway!

This December, I want to give away free stuff just because! So in the spirit of giving, I came up with the cool idea to run a little contest. I’m going to call it the “Days of Christmas” Giveaway! I will choose three (3) random days this month to give away what I think are

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The Glow Stick Analogy

The following is not an original thought; rather, one I borrowed from Pastor James Ford from a message that he preached at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week 2013. The illustration was so simple; and yet, it drove home a very important point. At the risk of mutulating the analogy, I would like to share it

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