When did you first fall in love with hip-hop?

“It was 1982 – I was ten years old, listening to vinyl records with my auntie when she put on “Planet Rock” by the Soul Sonic Force . . .”

That would be the defining moment that sparked the journey of Damon Curtis to becoming Idiomz da Prophesayer. . .

Idiomz da Prophesayer, more commonly know as Idiomzor, more recently as Grandpa Flawless, is an emcee, beatmaker, and connoisseur of the style of hip-hop known as boom-bap (golden era hip-hop). With a solid grasp of tone, diction, flow, and wordplay Idiomz uses his skills to create a soundscape that is a backdrop for a theocentric lifestyle. The music of Idiomz is crafted to engage, connect with, relate to, minister to, reflect with, and celebrate the listener using classic snares, dusty kicks, and rhythmic cadences as the foundation.

Idiomz grew up surrounded by all types of music as a child. His father was a professional touring bassist. His grandmother was a classically trained pianist and a regular vocalist at the local juke joint. As well, his aunt was a background vocalist for an underground funk band. On top of all of that, Idiomz found himself immersed in hip-hop culture finding inspiration from such legends as KRS-One, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, the Native Tongues family, and Mos Def to name a few. But as his relationship and walk with Christ began to grow, Idiomz also found influences in such Christian Hip-Hop notables as The Cross Movement, Corey Red & Precise, Timothy Brindle, and more.

Idiomz released his first full-length album, “Come Hell or High Water” in 2009. He then followed up with an EP, “The Gemini Effect” which was recognized as one of the top ten independent CHH releases of 2013. In 2015, Idiomz released “Renaissance Man” which received airplay in over twenty countries and led to multiple touring opportunities worldwide.

Idiomz continues to tour both domestically and abroad sharing the reason for the hope he has in Christ through music. As well, he is also working on new material meant to compel listeners into a familiar yet safe place audibly that will also inspire, encourage, and uplift.

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