IDP Music is an outreach ministry department of Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, represented by Damon “Idiomz” Curtis and Sharon Curtis called to reach communities that are typically neglected and/or overlooked both domestically and abroad with a message of love, hope and unity.



There are pockets of people who have been overlooked and neglected by society at large; and, even by the church. These ‘outcasts’ have been labeled as unreachable. They have limited or no access to local resources, they don’t trust people in general (and especially the church); and, they struggle to find any meaning and value in their lives.






As musicianaries we have a unique access to these communities that tend to be out of the reach of traditional outreach. Because of this unique access, we are able to use our talents and gifts to create an all-inclusive environment where these people can come and feel valued. We help to build bridges between local resources and these communities so that, even after we move on, there is ongoing care in place.

Through the use of music, we seek to break down barriers. We seek to open minds and open hearts so that we can sow a seed. And ultimately, we seek to help build relationships locally so that the seeds that we plant can be nurtured and grown.



This is full-time ministry and we are committed to serve obediently. We would love for you to consider how you might be able to partner with us in this effort. To learn more about how you can join us in opening hearts, opening minds and changing lives, visit our DONATE page.