SILENCE THE LAMB is the highly-anticipated new release from IDIOMZ DA PROPHESAYER (also known as Grandpa Flawless).  Idiomz is known for making music that pushes boundaries; this new project is no exception. SILENCE THE LAMB is a journey of introspection and accountability, exploring the complexities of the creative mind and the challenges therein.

Produced entirely by Jersey native, GRUNGY BOGUEZ , SILENCE THE LAMB features collaborations with GALLERY CAT, CHE SARAI, and BROTHA MINISTA , adding even more depth to Idiomz's mastery of word-play.

From the hypnotic "Sick-N-Tired" to the epic battle anthem "Swords", Idiomz's command of tone and diction, Grungy Boguez's classic beats, and the skillful addition of the featured collaborations shine through on each track, making for a truly immersive listening experience.

Where will YOU be when the silence ends . . .