WRATHMATICS: A Charlie Brown Beat Tape

I am absolutely mad at Wrathmatics (@wrathmatics) for taking an idea that has been dancing around in my head for the last decade, and bringing it to life! That being said, A Charlie Brown Beat Tape, released 12.04.12, is freaking bananas (or maybe I should say peanuts)!!! This is a hip-hop head’s dream come true

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Last Lyricist Music Label Debut

Just in case you missed it (not sure how you could), the homey Big Sto unveiled a new independent label venture on 12.12.12 known as Last Lyricists Music! LLM is a grass roots venture birthed from the mind of Big Sto (Michael Stover) with the assistance of myself, C.G. Hearn, DJ Aktual, GodzG, EF Cuttin

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“Two Twelve” A new Beat Tape from Sensei Walingh

If you don’t know who Sensei Walingh is, you need to crawl out from beneath that rock and ask somebody! Check the latest beat tape from my dude . . . Believe me, you’ll want to get know this cat! [youtube] Now that you’ve heard, you need to go and follow this man: Soundcloud,

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