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New IDP Music Remix: Professional Hobbyist by Praverb

I will always tell you that I am an emcee at heart; but, I make beats out of necesity. Well, sometimes I make beats just for fun! My latest emdeavor is a remix of “Professional Hobbyist” by emcee and friend Praverb The Wyse. I call this version of the title track off of his latest

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*OFFICIAL* False Prophets Video – KingVerse Remix Version

This is the official video for the single “False Prophets”. Remember, I’m a starving artist, so I took advantage of the resources available to me in order to make this video. Thanks to Jon and Van, students in GLO Student Ministry; and, to my son, Darius for providing the camera work. Thanks to KingVerse (@versey23)

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FREE DOWNLOAD: False Prophets – The Single

Did you get it yet? No?!?!?!? Then what are you waiting for?!?!?! Download your FREE copy of False Prophets – The Single today! This release includes: 1. Album Version 2. Album Instrumental 3. Sunday Drive Remix 4. Sunday Drive Instrumental 5. Acapella (92 BPM) – For all of my beat-maker friends!!!! 6. Love Music (J.E.S.U.S)

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