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Top Ten Releases of 2012

Any top ten listing of anything is wrought with some bias. My list is no different as it represents what I think are the top ten releases for 2012. You may disagree with me; and, that’s quite alright. But at the end of the day, it’s an aggregate of my list along with many others

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WRATHMATICS: A Charlie Brown Beat Tape

I am absolutely mad at Wrathmatics (@wrathmatics) for taking an idea that has been dancing around in my head for the last decade, and bringing it to life! That being said, A Charlie Brown Beat Tape, released 12.04.12, is freaking bananas (or maybe I should say peanuts)!!! This is a hip-hop head’s dream come true

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Last Lyricist Music Label Debut

Just in case you missed it (not sure how you could), the homey Big Sto unveiled a new independent label venture on 12.12.12 known as Last Lyricists Music! LLM is a grass roots venture birthed from the mind of Big Sto (Michael Stover) with the assistance of myself, C.G. Hearn, DJ Aktual, GodzG, EF Cuttin

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