Conquest’s Radical Departure: Relevant Truth

It took me a while to getting around to write this review because I wanted it to be as unbiased as possible. Considering that Conquest is one of my dearest friends within the industry, I did not want for my excitement to overshadow an accurate review of his latest release, RADICAL DEPARTURE. Now that I

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False Prophets (KV Remix) Review by Dan MacIntosh

Idiomz da Prophesayer (real name Damon Curtis) is a rapper that expresses his Christian faith through music. His single, “False Prophets,” is almost exactly what its name suggests – a warning about false prophets. With the advent of the Internet’s information superhighway, it’s easier now than ever for false prophets and various religious kooks to

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MUSIC MUST-HAVE: Lua C. – Souled Out

What I like about Lua C’s production is that it is clean. Maybe that subtle jazziness is not your thing; however, you cannot deny the fact that it all comes together in a relatively timeless package. I discovered Lua by accident while surfing Soundcloud. Sometimes, accidental discoveries turn out to be the best types of

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The Last Missionary - Stephen The Levite

MUSIC MUST-HAVE: Stephen The Levite – The Last Missionary

Stephen The Levite offers another biblically sound, lyrically sound endeavor for our edification and enjoyment. Ever since I heard Stephen for the first time, I was drawn in to his art. He has a unique sound to his voice, versatile flows and lyrics that make you pay attention. The First Missionary is no different. First

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