THE THEOCENTRIC LIFESTYLE: Does Anyone Even Know You’re A Christian? (re-post)

Several months ago, I saw a video on YouTube by a poet named Karness Turner which absolutely convicted me. To this day, I can hear his words in my head over and over asking me: does anyone know that I am a Christian?

The challenge for me is that I am naturally an introverted person. And before those of you who know me throw down your bull card, what I mean by that is that I do not easily approach others. Once I get to know you, that’s a different story. But because of my shyness, do I share the truth which is Christ with others around me so that they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am a Christian?

Sure, I can get up on stage and spit lyrics all day long. I go to church every Sunday; and, I volunteer with youth group during the week. But, when I am not around other Christians, does anyone know that I am a Christian?

Does my constant fear of rejection keep me from expressing my true feelings – my true nature? Or perhaps, am I just going through the motions in an attempt to cover up my true feelings and/or nature? Am I too caught up in fitting in as not to offend; or, is my armor truly thick enough that when I do offend, I can claim it in love because I love Jesus?

Political correctness has turned Christianity from a solid lifestyle to a gray area of acceptance. What should be a relationship is seen as no more than a religion. And yet, have I fallen victim to conformity and accepted the views of society? Or do I stand out with the knowledge that I will be persecuted or even killed for my belief?

When you look at me, and at what I do . . . do you know that I am a Christian?

Please take a moment to watch the video by Karness Turner, “Does Anyone Even Know You’re A Christian.”


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