MUSIC MUST-HAVE: Umami – midlifecrisis

My man, Mephstaddox is single-handedly keeping the art of freestyle alive. It couldn’t be more evident than on his latest digital offering Umami.

Per the album’s description, “Three freestyles recorded 3/9/12. All special in their own way. Decided to name the EP after that ever illusive savory flavor we all love. Hopefully the rhymes rep the concept.” Not only do the rhymes rep the concept, the flavor is unmistakeable.

My personal favorite of the three-track offering is the final song, “The Gomorrah Show.” The whimsical vibe of the song along with nice and rugged production have elevated it to “heavy rotation” status on my Android music player.

Track number two: Gifted Unlimited Rhymes . . . is a display of raw freestyling ability where wordplay and diction are king. The hook is kind of nice too – Gifted unlimited rhymes-no rehearsal . . . .Sickness!!!!

Track number one: Sunday Night Alive, seems to be the fan favorite and for good reason. Anyone who appreciates the art of freestyle will undoubtedly feel like they are in the midst of an ongoing cypher. This track is a reminder that hip-hop and freestyle used to be fun. Sunday Night Alive takes us back to such a time.

Okay, so maybe my review is not as comprehensive as some others that you would find on the web. I’m okay with that. But I will tell you that if you overlook on this digital free-for-all, you have no clue what you’re missing! This one is worthy of continuous play.

Released: 11 March 2012
Bron-Jockenberry beats
Mephstaddox- rhymes

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