New IDP Music Remix: Professional Hobbyist by Praverb

I will always tell you that I am an emcee at heart; but, I make beats out of necesity. Well, sometimes I make beats just for fun! My latest emdeavor is a remix of “Professional Hobbyist” by emcee and friend Praverb The Wyse. I call this version of the title track off of his latest offering the “Marie Laveau Voodoo” remix because the sound is reminiscent of a dark Mardi Gras parade march. The composition of the track is simple, yet progressive, and includes: orchestra brass, pure bass, nutshell procussion, mardi gras hand clap and reverb snare wit a quick delay. Check it out.

You can also check out some other remixes that I did from Praverb’s “Professional Hobbyist” release:

That’s How It Is – IDP Medieval Remix

Nov 11th – IDP Come Clean Remix

And if you go to Praverb’s web site, you can sample a multitude of remixes submitted by talented producers from all over the world!

Enjoy and God bless!

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