Lecrae’s Gravity – Does it Defy or Fall Short?

So before you make any assumptions based on the title of this post, please know this: I’m not a music critic in any way, shape or form. I am just a fan offering my take on the latest release from Lecrae – Gravity.

So, for the back story . . .

Lecrae is not new to me; however, I did not know much about his music until the release of his Church Clothes mix tape. The hype was so inexplicable that I really did not have a choice but to check it out for myself. This review is not about Church Clothes, or any previous Lecrae project; however, I will admit that [Church Clothes] was a marquee project; and, love it or hate it, you could not escape its influence. That being said, it does not surprise me that the hype and expectations surrounding Gravity are nearly the same . . . .

So without a lot of fluff, Here is one fan’s take on Lecrae’s Gravity:


Gravity is technically sound. Music sounds good when time is taken to ensure that the mix is proper and that the arrangements make sense. The vocals are not over-powered by the business of the music; and yet, the music does not fall short compared to the vocals. Gravity sounds good coming through most audio systems – iPod, whip, monitors and stereo. Kudos to Lecrae and his production team and engineers for being thorough in their presentation.


I discovered with Church Clothes that Lecrae is truly blessed. He has been given a gift through which to reach a mass audience of not only believers; but, of seekers as well. Gravity is no different. Lecrae skillfully crafts messages that are relevant, theological and not what has come to be expected  as watered down or “Christianese”. Lecrae is a lyricist – a fact that I may have overlooked prior to Church Clothes; and now, Gravity. And although, his style does not always mesh to what I typically listen to, his delivery, breathe control and diction are among the best that I have witnessed.


Whether his intent was to entertain or educate, there is definitely a value in this aspect of Lecrae’s Gravity that should not be overlooked. I, personally, was not very entertained by Gravity. However, I am very impressed with it; and, I find value and comfort in its messages. I also appreciate the entertainment and appeal that Gravity has in a market that, I as an artist, find hard to penetrate. Gravity will get a lot of buzz –  most of it very positive; and, most of it rightly so. I do not believe it that Gravity is for everyone; however, those who can relate to it and with it will benefit from it immensely!


As with Church Clothes, I am not disappointed with Gravity. In all actuality, I admire the project for its potential outreach, its technical soundness and for its overall appeal.

Does Gravity defy? I guess that depends on who you ask. Does Gravity fall short? Not by a long shot!!!!!


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