Last Lyricists Kick-Off & Compilation Campaign


You love ridiculously phenomenal music . . . Last Lyricists has got it! Help us reach our goal so we can establish a foothold and deliver more ridiculously phenomenal music to you in 2013 and beyond!

Last Lyricists Music is an independent faith-based Hip-Hop label that is built from the ground up by fans of Hip-Hop for fans of Hip-Hop. In addition to providing ridiculously phenomenal music to you on a regular, it is our goal to be fan-friendly and interactive – a label for the fans, by the fans and of the fans! With three releases under our belts, we are looking to expand our outreach as we provide you with more ridiculously phenomenal music for your enjoyment and consumption.

So please visit the campaign page, check out the perks and consider helping us to reach our overall goal! Last Lyricists Music has no purpose without you! We realize that technology makes music more accessible now than it has ever been before. We also realize that accessibility is no compromise for quality. That is why we strive to be YOUR source for ridiculously phenomenal music. Whether you donate to this campaign or not, we thank you with everything that we are, for the opportunity to serve you! God bless!


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