2018 Outreach: The Extreme Tour – Bullhead City, AZ

Bullhead City, Arizona. Before this outreach, I didn’t even know it existed; however, after experiencing the genuine love and adoration of the people we met there, I am sure I will never forget it!

If I’m being honest, when we first arrived at Bullhead City, I felt completely out of place. I had a sense that I just would not fit in or resonate with anyone there. I battled those feelings for most of the day until we went out to engage the community at the local skate park.

As we arrived at the park, I just kind of stayed to myself. I’m not a skater (obviously) so I really wasn’t in to the whole “shred” thing that was happening. But as I was walking around, I noticed a group of artists from the tour talking with a young man off to the side. Not finding anyone else to engage with, I walked over to join the conversation. As I approached, the other artists began to bang out a beat on a Cajon to which the young man promptly began to freestyle rhyme. Obviously, this was right up my alley; so, I joined in as well. Our new friend’s name was Fidel.

It turned out that Fidel, was in a place where he had found God; but, wasn’t quite sure what to do next. I shared my story with Fidel and how it was that I was able to grow in my relationship with God; and, it seemed to catch his attention. We spoke some more about where he was and from where he had come until it was time for him to leave. As he was getting ready to go, we told him about the event that was taking place the next day. Fidel’s excitement grew as he proclaimed that he and his brother would both be in attendance. It was at that point that I realized that God intended to use me more than I realized.

The next day was event day. It was a Sunday, so we worshipped at the church that was hosting us. After church we ate a quick lunch and began to set up for the event which was being held in the church parking lot. It was unusually windy (whereas there was virtually no wind the day before); but, that did not hamper our efforts. Our event would take the place of the evening service; therefore, we wanted to be sure that those in attendance would be comfortable in spite of the wind.

Even though I had a great interaction with Fidel the previous day, it had come to my attention that the pastor of the host church was not necessarily a fan of hip-hop. Of course, I was the only hip-hop artist in the group; so, my insecurities resurfaced and again I felt like I had nothing to offer. But a funny thing happened (not so funny considering it was all orchestrated by God): God used my time on stage at the event to impact people who I would’ve never thought would respond to hip-hop music!

After my set, I prayed with a woman who was in the midst of a family feud and just needed to feel as if she mattered, I signed autographs for a young lady who told me that I was the best rapper she had ever heard, another young lady and her mother felt lead to sow a seed into my ministry and I had another young lady confirm something that I felt God had been trying to tell me all along!

As I reflect on the event at Bullhead City, I felt like I should not have even been there; but, God had a different plan. He used the unlikely to make an impact on the community. I later found out that there was reconciliation that took place at the church from some people who had previously had a falling out. Bullhead City reminded me that God can’t be limited or placed within a box. His will be done in spite of us!

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